Monday, May 17, 2010

Dozens Of Homes Destroyed--At Least This Time Israel Is Not To Blame

Which of course means your regularly scheduled uproar will not be taking place:
Hamas police wielding clubs beat and pushed residents out of dozens of homes in the southern Gaza town of Rafah on Sunday before knocking the buildings down with bulldozers, residents said.

Gaza's militant Hamas rulers said the homes were built illegally on government land. Newly homeless residents were furious over Palestinians on bulldozers razing Palestinian homes.
The other point that will not be made is that Gaza was due for elections this past January--which means that "Gaza's militant rulers" are even more militant, and insistent, than most.
For years, Palestinians have criticized Israel for destroying houses, mostly because they were built without permits issued by the military. Now, Rafah residents complained, their own government, run by the Islamic militant Hamas that seized power in Gaza in July 2007, has done the same.
Neither the Hamas coup, nor the fact that Hamas is in no hurry to have elections that are now past due, seems to interest anyone.

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