Monday, May 31, 2010

The Gaza Flotilla: Enter The Human Rights Groups--And So The Whitewash Begins

One thing is clear: B'Tselem did not do its homework:

From B'Tselem:
31 May '10: Open an immediate investigation into the action to gain control of the flotilla to Gaza
B’Tselem demands that an immediate, independent and effective investigation be made into the circumstances of the military action taken to gain control of the ships, which led to the death and injury of dozens of activists. The investigation must be conducted by non-military officials.
Among the issues to be investigated are whether the army used proportionate force, whether the forces were trained to cope with this type of event, were they equipped with the correct means, what open-fire regulations were given to the soldiers, and whether alternative options were considered.
The IDF Spokesperson claims that extreme violence was used against the soldiers by activists on the boat. This information is based solely on statements of soldiers. However, before reaching conclusions, the investigation must consider the testimonies of all eyewitnesses to the events, including persons who participated in the flotilla who are currently in custody in Israel.
No surprise here.
The free pass the Palestinian Arabs get is automatically applied to anyone associated with them.

B'Tselem does not have to accept the video at face value and close the case on the ambush of the Israeli soldiers--but at the very least, a real investigation would admit the existence of evidence demonstrating that the people on the boat attacked the IDF.

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