Friday, May 14, 2010

It's Never An Injustice When Applied To Israelis

On this picture--from Looking At The Left--of The International Workers’ Day march in Denver during the beginning of the month, James Taranto comments on Best of the Web:

'No Human Is Illegal' 
Blogger Donald Douglas highlights a photo (it seems to have originated at of a protester at a May Day march in Denver, who holds a sign reading (in all caps): "Boycott AZ! Boycott Israel! No to racism, colonialism and apartheid! No human is illegal!"
Meanwhile, Israel's opponents are demanding that it prevent Jews from living in parts of its own capital and in the disputed territories of the West Bank.
"Boycott Israel!" and "No human is illegal!"? This fellow is sending mixed messages, to say the least.
Either that or his message is not mixed at all.

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