Thursday, May 27, 2010

If Only Obama Was This Patient With Abbas!

From The Washington Post:
Obama administration officials have dubbed their policy toward North Korea "strategic patience" -- a resolve that Pyongyang has to make the first move to reengage and that it won't be granted any concessions. [emphasis added]
This strategic patience is to be contrasted with US policy towards Israel, where--while Abbas himself is strategically patient, refusing to come to the bargaining table--Israel is perpetually sitting on the hot seat being told to make concession after concession, as if Israel has not be doing exactly that since the beginning.

What would happen if the Obama administration applied some strategic patience towards the PA, refusing to take any action unless Abbas comes to the bargaining table--coming to a real bargaining table, none of this "proximity talks" nonsense.

What would happen? No one knows, because Obama will not insist on Abbas sitting down with Netanyahu.

Obama failes to understand: patience is a virtue--not a strategy.
Then again, in the absence of a real strategy in the Mideast, this is all that he is left with.

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