Friday, June 11, 2010

"We Con The World" Is About WHAT?

Who's conning whom?

In Caroline Glick’s “We Con the World” and the Tea Partying of the US-Israel relationship, Didi Remez writes:
The video is a repulsive attempt to use satire to make Israel’s case on Flotilla Devbacle. I recommend suffering through its entirety to grasp just how much. This is not really surprising to anyone who has ever read Glick’s columns or makes a cursory inquiry into her background.
It's not quite clear why inquiring into Glick's background is important to critique the video [view here], whose success seems to have irked Remez.

In any case, it seems to have been annoying enough to merit another post. In Hasbara Derangement Syndrome, Remez quotes approvingly from Globes,
One can follow the Jerusalem Post’s lead. A columnist in that newspaper shamed Israel’s good name when she launched satirical video mocking the plight of Gaza into the depth of the Internet.
Actually, the video is a satire mocking both the members of the terrorist-linked IHH and the disinformation surrounding what happened aboard the Mavi Marmara--disinformation that has been refuted by the various videos, both from the Israeli government and the ship's own security cameras.

To put it simply, "We Con The World" is no more about the people of Gaza than the Mavi Marmara is. In its Summary of equipment and aid aboard the Gaza flotilla, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs notes:
Of the seven flotilla ships, only four were freight ships. The Challenger 1 (small yacht), the Sfendonh (small passenger boat) and the Mavi Marmara (passenger ship) did not carry any humanitarian aid, except for the passengers' personal belongings. Of the four freight ships - Gaza, Sofia, Defeny and Rachel Corrie - as of June 7, SIBAT had only offloaded equipment from the Defeny.
Which explains why of all the ships, only aboard the Mavi Marmara was there an ambush of the IDF--the Mavi Marmar had a different mission.

And that is the point of "We Con the World".

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