Friday, August 13, 2010

Has Anyone Noticed That Rockets Are Still Being Fired From Gaza?

Hamas is firing rockets at Israeli cities--but those self-proclaimed 'human rights activists' are nowhere to be found. There is not a peep from the media that Rockets From Gaza Continue to be Fired at Israel in 2010:
Since the beginning of 2010 until the end of July, 120 projectiles were launched at Israel from the Gaza Strip.
The months with the highest incidences of rocket fire this year were March and January, with 29 and 27 rockets and mortars launched at Israel, respectively. The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization, as the governing body of the Gaza Strip, solely responsible for these and future rocket attacks emanating from the region and will continue to act in self-defense to prevent future rocket attacks from being carried out.

The following graph is a comprehensive breakdown of high trajectory weapons fired at Israeli territory in 2010 by type (mortar, Qassam, Grad rocket), updated as of July 31st 2010. These figures do not include thwarted or failed firing attempts, or fire towards IDF forces. In addition, these figures do not take into account the Grad rocket which landed in the southern city of Eilat which occured on August 2nd from the Sinai Peninsula.

I suppose that if the media or the 'human rights activists' were to actually admit that Israel is being bombed on a regular basis by Hamas, they would have to actually do something--like admit that the blockade of Gaza makes sense or that maybe aid should be cut off from Hamas until kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit is released.

Apparently, human rights has its limits.

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