Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Free e-Book Of Meir Uri Gottesman's The Harp

I received a request to post the following.
I have not read the book, nor am I receiving any compensation for posting this--it just seemed worthwhile looking into:

Meir Uri Gottesman, bestselling author of over 10 novels and children's books, including long-time favorites like Deep Blue and The Morning Star, has recently joined forces with Jewish E-Books. After years of waiting for his currently out-of-print books, or contending with sky-high prices of rare copies on Amazon, Gottesman fans the world over will finally be able to read the books they love--now as e-books.

In celebration of this exciting new partnership, Jewish E-Books is now offering The Harp, one of Gottesman's most popular novels, as a FREE e-book for 3 weeks only. (The book runs for $23.99 and upwards online).

A riveting, deeply evocative tale of the Second Temple's Destruction, this masterful work of 293 pages vividly brings to life the horror and destruction of the time—through the personal, heart-wrenching story of one Jew.

Click Here to download your FREE copy of Meir Uri Gottesman's The Harp now!

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