Saturday, July 07, 2012

Krauthammer: The UN Is A Playpen Of Dictators

Charles Krauthammer describes the UN as a playpen of dictators, and I think that phrase captures the essence of the UN today rather well:

It’s inherently a corrupt organization because it’s a sandbox of dictators. It began as something essentially run by the Western democracies and it ran somewhat efficiently the first decade or so. Then you had decolonization. You ended up with 100, 150 countries, very few of whom are democratic. It is a playpen of dictators. And they run it that way. And the idea that they would use it for anything other than to promote authoritarianism and to attack the West is a fiction.

It will always be this way because it’s a universal organization. The alternative is to form a league of democracies… which over a generation or two would take over the functions and the stature of the U.N.
I imagine some of the current problem was foreseen, and that is the reason for creating permanent membership in the UN Security Council with veto powers.

Obviously, that was not nearly enough.

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