Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Obama Keeping Israel Out Of Counterterrorism Conferences

“Coretta has a boyfriend! Coretta has a boyfriend!”
The chants grew louder as a few more kids circled us.
“She’s not my g-girlfriend,” I stammered. I looked to Coretta for some assistance, but she just stood there looking down at the ground. “Coretta’s got a boyfriend! Why don’t you kiss her, mister boyfriend?”
“I’m not her boyfriend!” I shouted. I ran up to Coretta and gave her a slight shove; she staggered back and looked up at me, but still said nothing. “Leave me alone!” I shouted again.
Obama, in his book Dreams from My Father

These days, Obama is likewise determined to put some distance between himself and Israel.

Last month, the US blocked Israel's participation in the Global Counterterrorism Forum in Istanbul, as per Erdogan's demand. This, despite Israel's vast experience in counterterrorism. But Erdogan wanted Israel out, and Obama listened.

But Obama has not stopped there.

Now, Adam Kredo writes that the Obama administration has kept Israel out of a counterterrorism forum in Spain:
Despite pleas from Senators on Capitol Hill, the Obama administration excluded Israel from a new counterterrorism forum and neglected to mention its long and deadly struggle with terrorism during remarks presented yesterday in Spain.

Maria Otero, the State Department’s Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights, delivered a speech entitled “Victims of Terrorism” before 29 members of the Global Counterterrorism Forum, an coalition of countries—not including Israel—that collectively combat terror.
Kredo notes that Congressional sources and regional experts are saying the Obama administration is intentionally downplaying Israel’s counterterrorism efforts in so as to appease the Arab nations and gain their cooperation.

While "Coretta" is a composite character in Obama's book, the incident of Obama pushing the girl away in order to appease some bullies apparently reflects an aspect of Obama's personality--one we see played out as we witness the lengths Obama will go to get the Arab world to accept him.

Some friend of Israel.

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