Thursday, August 09, 2012

Has The Muslim Brotherhood Honeymoon With Hamas Been Replaced With Israel?

With the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood, everyone expected a honeymoon between the radical Islamist group and the Hamas terrorist group in Gaza.

As it so happens, it seems that some habits die hard, and following the Sinai terrorist attack earlier this week, Egypt believes that Hamas was in on the attack.

As a result:

Suddenly, what was supposed to have been a honeymoon between the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas, is developing into what could almost be described as a honeymoon between the Muslim Brotherhood and Israel:
  • Egypt and Israel pass warnings of possible attacks to each other
  • Senior officers in Egypt and Israel speak to each other in the field
  • There is continuous discussion among the military and intelligence groups in Egypt and Israel
While the cooperation between Egypt and Israel is a positive thing, the fact remains that this is connection to the present threat that affects Egypt as well as Israel.

Who knows what the future may bring.

But we do have a clue--in the vicious antisemitism that is rampant througout Egypt. As Jeffrey Goldberg notes, In Egypt, Anti-Semitism Is Back in Fashion:
Anti-Semitism, the socialism of fools, is becoming the opiate of the Egyptian masses. And not just the masses. Egypt has never been notably philo-Semitic (just ask Moses), but today it’s entirely acceptable among the educated and creative classes there to demonize Jews and voice the most despicable anti- Semitic conspiracy theories. Careerists know that even fleeting associations with Jews and Israelis could spell professional trouble.
Read the whole thing.

So while Egypt under the Muslim Brotherhood may appear to be getting along, the Brotherhood is merely consolidating its power, which at this point in time means they can use Israel's help. At this point, part of that consolidation means showing Hamas who is in charge. None of this changes the hatred for Israel that exists in Egypt or the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood wants to "revise" the treaty with Israel.

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Bill said...

It seems to me that the honeymoon is between Israel and the Egyptian military, not the Muslim Brotherhood led Egyptian government.

Daled Amos said...

You may be right. But for right now, the Muslim Brotherhood, as the party in power, may need Israel in order fight the terrorists and win back the respect of the Egyptian public.

The question is whether they need it enough to tone down its anti-Israel rhetoric.

In the long term, Israel has a better ally in the Egyptian military. See The Egyptian Mess.