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US Taxpayers Dollars Goes Towards Palestinian Terrorist Insurance

The kleptocracy that is the Abbas regime has received billions in funding and has precious little to show for it.

In fact, since 2007, the US has contributed over $1 billion to the Palestinian Authority:
A recent Congressional Research Service study notes that since 2007 the U.S. has contributed $650 million to the Palestinian Authority for "direct budgetary assistance" and almost $400 million for "security forces and criminal justice systems" in the West Bank. Almost another $1 billion was directed through the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) to be "implemented by nongovernmental organizations in humanitarian assistance, economic development, democratic reform, improving water access and other infrastructure, health care, education, and vocational training." Finally, the U.S. is the largest single contributor to UNRWA and having provided over $230 million in 2010.

...Another $100 million for Palestinian security aid and institution building is allocated through a program called International Narcotics Control and Law Enforcement. This is a Foreign Military Assistance program but it is also directed by the Department of State under Section 1206(f) of the 2006 National Defense Authorization Act.
Since the Palestinian Arabs are no better off and are still living off the dole, it is fair to ask what in the world Abbas is doing with the millions upon millions of dollars he is getting from the West in general, and the US in particular?

Well, for one thing, the Abbas regime has gone into the terrorist insurance business: PA spends 6% of its budget paying Palestinians in Israeli jails, families of suicide bombers
Despite the Palestinian Authority’s financial hardships, it spends tens of millions of shekels each month paying salaries to prisoners held in Israeli jails for security offenses and acts of terrorism against Israel — including mass murderers — and last year Prime Minister Salam Fayyad tripled their monthly pay. The PA also pays monthly stipends to the families of suicide bombers.

Payments are made not only to members of Fatah, the political faction of PA President Mahmoud Abbas, but also to those of his bitter Islamist rivals from Hamas, and other factions.

As of May 2011, the PA spent NIS 18 million ($4.5 million) per month on compensating Palestinian inmates in Israeli prisons and a further NIS 26 million ($6.5 million) on payments to families of suicide bombers. In all, such payments cost the PA some 6 percent of its overall budget, Israel’s Channel 2 news reported on Monday night, citing documentation signed by Fayyad.
It's quite a deal, actually.

It started in 2003 with a law passed requiring a monthly salary of $250 to security detainees with up to $1,000 per month for a terrorist sentenced to life imprisonment.

In January 2011, the West's favorite moderate -- the frugal PM Fayyad -- increased those salaries by up to 300% with these benefits going not only to Fatah but members of terrorist groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad as well.
  • Abdullah Barghouti, a Hamas bomb-maker sentenced in 2004 to 67 life terms for orchestrating the killings of 67 Israelis, gets a stipend that by next year will equal $1,500 per month

  • Abbas al-Sayyeed, convicted of planning the 2002 Park Hotel massacre, in which 30 Israeli civilians were killed at their Passover meal, $3,000 per month.
Such a deal.

But when have you heard an outcry over the fact that US taxpayer dollars are going into the pockets of Palestinian terrorists?

How much longer will US taxpayers foot the bill for Palestinian Terrorist Insurance?

The details are documented in a report last year presented by Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch PA to pay salaries to all terrorists in Israeli prisons, noting that financial aid from many donor countries goes directly to the Palestinian Authority budget from which terrorist salaries are paid.

No action has been taken so far, even though according to US the funding of terrorists is illegal.

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