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NJDC Video of Israelis -- Another Fraudulent Attempt To Hold Onto Jewish Vote For Obama?

Last month, I blogged about this questionable video from the the National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) which claims to illustrate that Israelis recognize Obama's strong support for Israel:
President Barack Obama's strong support for Israel has been recognized by Israeli leaders such as Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Ehud Barak, as well as many pro-Israel leaders here in the United States. Now, watch the video to hear what Israelis living on the front lines think.
Here is the video:

At the time, I noted that a poll of Israelis in July demonstrated that Israelis by a 2 to 1 margin felt Romney was a stronger friend of Israel.

Now the NJDC video is further debunked by claims their video is a fraud: To Sway U.S. Jews, National Jewish Democratic Council Fraudulently Edits, Exploits Sderot Jews

The article is by David Farer, a resident of Sderot where the interviews for the NJDC video was done.

Here is a summary of Farer's findings, as outlined by Pajamas Media:
  • One participant, Sasson Sara, was emphatic: “I do not support [Obama].” Sara claims the video omitted several words he spoke, thus giving his statement the appearance of conveying the exact opposite message Sara had intended.

    The video shows Sara saying in Hebrew: “Sderot is important to him. The Jewish people are important to him. The state of Israel is important to him.”

    Sasson claims he actually spoke the following in Hebrew: “If Sderot is important to him, the Jewish people are important to him, the state of Israel is important to him, then Obama should do more about Iran.”

  • Another participant, Pinchas Ammar, told Farer that he does not support Obama and thinks Obama is not pro-Israel and does not understand Israel’s problems in the least. He was not happy to find himself in a film promoting Obama’s re-election.

    Incredibly, this is not the first time Pinchas Ammar has been exploited by an Obama campaign.

    When Obama visited Sderot in 2008, Obama himself promised Ammar he would fly him to Washington, D.C., to attend an inaugural ball if he were elected. Many witnesses were present to hear Obama’s promise. After a few months of excitement, the Ammars were disappointed when an invitation never arrived.

    Ammar and his wife were seriously injured when a terrorist missile exploded in their kitchen. They have not been able to work since.

  • Some participants were not aware they were going to appear in a campaign ad intended to help re-elect President Obama. No participant was asked to sign a release.

  • The surveyed answer to the video’s title/question — “What Do Israelis Think About Obama?” — is not remotely comparable to the narrative portrayed by the video.
This is a failed attempt to twist the truth in order to staunch the current bleeding of Jewish votes away from Obama. In that sense, it is on a par with Debbie Wasserman Schultz's false claim that Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren said that Republicans are dangerous for Israel. Despite Oren's rebuttal that he never said any such thing -- and the audio that debunks Wasserman Schultz's denial she made the claim -- the media has avoided directly challenging her on her false charges.

One imagines the media will ignore what the National Jewish Democratic Council done in this video.

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Empress Trudy said...

This is precisely the kind of thing Jon Stewart constantly rails against. Someone should send this to him and see if he makes any comment about it on his show. I doubt he would but it's worth a try.