Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Tammy Baldwin, J Street Again Endorses Candidate Who Accuses Israel Of War Crimes

J Street is nothing if not consistent.

As I wrote this morning, J Street defines "pro-Israel" very loosely.

As far as this left-wing Democratic group is concerned, as long as you give lip service to the idea of a two-state solution, you're in.

The fact that the Arabs that Israel are supposed to be negotiating this two-state solution with refuse to sit down and talk is irrelevant.

That's why J Street gushes over the pro-Israel creds of Tammy Baldwin:
Rep. Tammy Baldwin (WI-2) is running to replace retiring U.S. Senator Herb Kohl in what figures to be one of the most expensive and competitive races this cycle. Baldwin is the first openly gay woman elected to Congress and has represented this Madison based district since 1998. She is a strong supporter of Israel and two-state peace and proudly took JStreetPAC’s endorsement in 2010. Prior to serving in Congress, Baldwin served in the Wisconsin State Assembly, Madison City Council, Dane County Board of Supervisors, and practiced law for several years.
Sounds impressive.

But if you want to know the truth about Tammy Baldwin, you will have to go elsewhere.

Here is a video from Emergency Committee for Israel about Tammy Baldwin's extremism:

  • Tammy Baldwin accuses Israel of war crimes
  • Tammy Baldwin opposes sanctions to prevent Iran from pursuing its nuclear program
  • Tammy Baldwin refers to Palestinian terrorist as innocent victims
Tammy Baldwin is the second candidate to accuse Israel of war crimes that J Street claims is a strong supporter of Israel -- Lois Capps is another.

J Street should just admit the sole criteria they require for supporting these and all the allegedly "pro-Israel" candidates they support.

They are all democrats.

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