Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Obama's "Blueprint for America’s Future" Does Not Add Up

This would be hilarious if it weren’t so … well, hilarious, really, but in a very sad way. The Barack Obama campaign officially launched in April 2011. They have raised something close to a billion dollars, and they’ve certainly spent almost as much on field offices, GOTV efforts, and tons of campaign advertising. They even created their fantasy of a woman living under Barack Obama’s benevolent governance, “Julia,” that managed to creep out so many women that they have done their best to send Julia to the Island of Misfit Political Mascots.

The one thing they didn’t have is a reason for anyone to vote for Barack Obama — a second-term agenda.
Ed Morrissey, New Obama ad: Dude, I found my second-term agenda!, Hot Air, October 23, 2012

Well, Obama has finally come out with a "Blueprint for America’s Future" and decided to tell the American people what he would do if re-elected. I suppose he could be forgiven if he thought that everyone in the media would jump on board and trumpet the merits of his newly available plan.

The fact is, not everyone in the media does not seem to be buying it.

But it's more than just a ridiculing Obama's "Blueprint for America’s Future".
Some in the media are critiquing it as well.

According to CNN, no less, Obama's newly printed agenda for a second term actually is lame and asks the question: Does Obama's Second Term Plan Add Up?

Imagine that: there may actually be some in the media who will openly criticize Obama.

Maybe now that the polls indicate the voters sense a weakness in the Obama campaign, the media might slowly start to follow suit.

At the very least, the idea of Obama formally announcing what he would do in a second term -- just 14 days before the election -- could just be too ridiculous to ignore.

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