Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Video: Who Won Last Night's Debate? It All Comes Down To The Undecided Voters

The polls generally seem to say that Obama won last night's debate, though not nearly as decisively as Romney trounced him in the first debate.

If you then go to the analysis of the conservative pundits, you find that while he nailed Obama on the economy, Romney missed an opportunity to make the point on Libya.

Maybe so, but thanks to the interference of Candy Crowley in backing up Obama on his erroneous claim of stating early on that the attack in Benghazi was a terrorist attack, the issue is still on the front burner -- and not as a purely partisan political attack.

Bottom line, Democratic and Republican voters remain where they've been all along, and Independents remain tilted towards Romney.

And that leaves the undecided voters.

Ed Morrissey posts 2 videos that provide a sample of the reaction of undecided voters to the second Obama - Romney debate.

The first is a focus group of former Barack Obama voters, and now undecideds, in Nevada, led by Frank Luntz for Fox. The results are decidedly pro-Romney:

The second is a focus group done for MSNBC.

Ed Morrissey scores the results as 1 - 1 with 6 abstaining, though he quotes Guy Benson who sees the comments as tilting towards Romney.

See what you think:

And we still have one more debate to go.

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