Sunday, October 07, 2012

How Far Will Obama Administration Go To Avoid Admitting There Is A War On Terrorism?

The attack on the US consulate in Libya continues to overshadow the attack on the US embassy in Egypt -- and for good reason.

As more information becomes available, the degree of negligence by the Obama administration becomes clearer.
That last article is an exclusive report from Eli Lake, who has been reporting on revelations about the Obama administration's mishandling of the US consulate in Libya.

Now today, Eli Lake writes about The Intel Behind Obama’s Libya Line, addressing the question of why it took the Obama administration 8 days to finally admit that the 9/11 attacks on the US embassy in Benghazi were acts of terrorism:
For eight days after the attacks on the United States consulate in Benghazi, Libya, that killed four Americans, government officials said the attacks were a spontaneous reaction to an anti-Islam film. Now that officials have acknowledged they were a premeditated act of terrorism, the question some members Congress are trying to answer is why it took so long for the truth to come out.
...To date, the U.S. intelligence community has not said on the record and definitively that the attack was planned by al Qaeda. That determination is important. If the U.S. government concludes the 9/11 attack is the work of al Qaeda, then a military response is legally justified under the Sept. 14, 2001 resolution authorizing war against the organization.
Read the whole thing.

There is a movie about the assassination of Al Qaeda head Osama bin Laden due to come out 2 days before the election.

One obvious reason not to show the movie is for the Obama administration to be consistent about its concern about movies insulting to Muslims possibly sparking even more Muslim riots.

Now there is an additional reason -- Rather than serving as a boost to Obama's reputation as a world leader, in light of what we now know that the attack in Libya was in fact a terrorist attack by Al Qaeda, that movie may very well highlight just how little that assassination accomplished -- and the fact that contrary to statements by members of the Obama administration: the US is in fact involved in a war on terrorism.

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