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Vice Presidential Debate: Could The Last Laugh Be On Biden?

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Could The Last Laugh Be On Biden?

On "Hot Air", Ed Morrissey writes about Newt Gingrich's appearance on CBS this morning, responding to former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm that Biden’s Benghazi response will “haunt” Obama:
GINGRICH: Let me just say — Governor Granholm just put her finger on a key word. ”Who do you trust?” The Vice President of the United States doubled down on the President, who has for three weeks now methodically misled the American people.

GRANHOLM: That’s not true.

GINGRICH: That is true. The State Department said flatly this week they never thought it related to the video, they always thought it was terrorism. The State Department said they asked for the security. The Ambassador’s own diary says that he had asked for the security. You want to talk about trust? Having an American ambassodor and three other Americans killed while the President lies to you is a pretty big question.
Morrissey notes:
"I wrote before the first debate that Team Romney had to tread carefully on the Benghazi issue, and that it alone wouldn’t make the difference for voters. However, if they can weave it into a larger argument about incompetence and dishonesty that ties together with Obama’s stewardship of the economy, it might bolster a very powerful narrative — and Biden handed Team Romney plenty of ammunition for that strategy ("Biden: Hey, none of us knew that the Benghazi consulate wanted more security!")."
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Biden didn't just throw the Intelligence Community under the bus -- he staked out the official White House position on the Libya debacle.

And it's based on a lie.

It remains to be seen when the Romney Campaign will capitalize on it.

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