Thursday, June 15, 2006

10 (or 12) links from E to J (and W)

A blogger's dozen of posts including a post about Moslem super heroes, a blog with a new feature, a post suitable for Fathers Day and lots of pictures from a trip to Israel.

Please have in mind [Rebbe] Yisrael Dan ben Rivka Zlata, the Modzitzer Rebbe Shlita, whose health has taken a sharp turn for the worse.

Ha-Mikdash will be going in for surgery Thursday morning. Please have Yehudah Tzvi Ben Elisheva in mind.

Ezer Knegdo is guest-hosting the Kosher Cooking Carnival, and this is the day to send her your kosher food posts. You can contact her at ezerknegdo at gmail dot com

Elder of Ziyon introduces us to some Moslem comic book heroes, who have a non-comical side as well.

Elie's Expositions links to an article about his son Aaron z"l, written about by Soccer Dad and their launch of the Aaron Rosenfeld Memorial Fund.

Ha-Mikdash thanks the Waqf for their vote of confidence.

The Hashmonean shares what he read about Sen. Joe Lieberman's political move.

Heichal HaNegina relates a story about the ultimate advice

The Ignoble Experiment, aka Live Dangerously! reflects on has lots of pictures of her trip to Akko.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. writes about her experience in the aliyah that wasn't.

Israel Perspectives has started a new daily feature, surveying articles on Jewish/Israel affairs.

Israel Matzav has more on the Jewish American who was kidnapped and then returned--and why he is trying not to be so hard on him.

Jack's Shack reminds us that fathers love their daddies too.

WestBankBlog who earlier this month posted people's stories about their making Aliyah, now has Part II

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