Thursday, June 29, 2006

The New York Times Likes 'Provocative'

Take this quiz:

Which of the following is not like the others:
  1. A commercial about churches using bouncers
  2. The word 'redneck'
  3. Leo Strauss' account of the modernity problem
  4. The reeling pace of urban renewal
  5. Hamas
Trick question--according to the New York Times, not only are the first 4 items provocative, but
When Hamas was only an opposition movement, its provocative behavior was a major impediment to peace. As a governing party, it is far worse.
Commercials, the word 'redneck', Leo Strauss, urban renewal, and suicide bombers/Kassam rockets.

I don't know who wrote the Times editorial.
Maybe it was the art critic.

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