Sunday, June 18, 2006

Short Video Of The Faked Shooting of Mohamed Al Dura

Herut, a blog in Spanish, has a post--Mohamed Al Dura, the fall of an icon--with a short 14 minute video in English covering the inconsistencies and contradictions in the famous video clip, including clips of the interview of the Palestinian cameraman who shot the video of the shooting.

Herut writes (translated by Babelfish):
This interesting video of 14 minutes (in English) disassembles the false history mounted by the terrorists of the staged death of the boy Mohamed Al Dura. Mohamed Al Dura, as it is demonstrated in the news story, was not shot by the Tzahal. This video probe of the French TV story reveals that there is more behind one of the events used by mass media to attack Israel, from the beginning of the second intifada in the 2000.
Take a look.

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