Thursday, June 22, 2006

A Second Bloggers Dozen of Links for Thursday Morning

This selection of links covers a one question poll for bloggers, a special blogburst for the 5th anniversary of 9/11 requiring 2,996 bloggers, Walmart Jews, why Moslems aren't enjoying the World Cup this year, a song about The Aliyah Blues, and a reason to brush up on your Mandarin.

On Tuesday, The Valve had open-heart surgery. Please keep Chaim Yehuda Elimelech ben Rachel Yehudis in mind.

Israelly Cool has a 'blog efficacy poll'--just one question. Take the poll here

Ocean Guy: Somewhere on A1A writes about a special blogburst planned for September 11, 2006.

Perspectives of a Nomad writes about Ron Suskind's new book and the defense against terrorism

SerandEz introduces us to the Walmart-Jews of Arkansas.

Shiloh Musings has thoughts on Likud--then, now, and the gulf in-between

Simply Jews notes the 2nd and 3rd offense to Islam occasioned by the World Cup

Smooth Stone quotes from an article by Daniel Pipes exploring the strength of ties to Jerusalem

Soccer Dad introduces us to plinths, vexilloligists and intaglio--and if he keeps this up, some oral depuration may be called for.

The Sunken Synagogue sings about--or at least provides the lyrics for--those Aliyah Blues

Treppenwitz suggests a way to get the Palestinians to sing a different tune, one Palestinian leader at a time.

Meryl Yourish provides a good reason to learn how to say thank-you in Chinese

Boker Tov, Boulder!, who was part of a select group of bloggers in a conference call with Sharanksy, writes about his meeting with Cheney and what Sharansky thinks about bloggers.

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