Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Blogger's Dozen Links For Thursday Morning

This has been a difficult week, and it is only half over. Three Israelis have been kidnapped by terrorists--one of whom has been murdered in cold blood--and Israel has gone into Gaza...and the West Bank. Some of the links below deal with these current events. Others deal with life in general--some on the lighter side.

May HaShem give Israel the strength to see her way through this crisis.

Olah Chadasha has started a prayer chain--asking for other bloggers to post their own tefillot.

SerandEz links to blogs participating in Olah Chadasha's prayer chain and shares a poem.

ConservaJew gives a concise summary of the recent updates on Operation Summer Rains, with links to other blogs and sites

Elder of Ziyon has an extensive--and updated--post on some of those female prisoners that the terrorists want released in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

The Hashmonean notes that Operation Summer Rains is not limited just to Gaza

The Ignoble Experiment, aka Live Dangerously! breaks off from her recollections of her trip to Israel to comment about this weeks events.

Israel Matzav sees a problem when a war turns into a police action.

It's summer, camp has started, and Elie's Expositions has a Pen-empty nest.

Erica's Blog spots something under the train trestle on Sheepshead Bay Road and shares some thoughts about a friend who has died.

Ha-Mikdash writes about his surgery last week, which was a success--surpassing both his and his doctor's expectations.

I'm Haaretz, Ph.D. contemplates the strange things in life.

Israel Perspectives wonders whether blogs can kill people and ponders the lesson for the JBlogosphere.

Jack's Shack has something to say about home remodeling.

J-Blogosphere Blog has a post about one of the most important messages of the JBlogosphere.

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