Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Meanwhile, On The Hamas Front...

According to Haaretz, the number of Kassams being fired on Israel from Gaza has been decreasing:

Last week 11 Qassams were fired at Israel, a steep decrease from previous weeks. The week before, 33 rockets were fired, three weeks ago saw 42 Qassams and 65 rockets hit Israel four weeks ago. Over the weekend, three Qassams were fired from Gaza but fell within Palestinian territory.

Why the decrease?

1. The IDF's aggressive operations in Gaza, including bombing private homes in Gaza (after warning the residents)
2. International attention was focused on Lebanon--not Gaza--so less media play.
3. Public pressure--i.e. threats--on the families of those operating the launchers between buildings, such as in Al-Nada.

Unfortunately, by comparison:

1. Despite the warnings, civilians were killed and Hezbollywood outdid Pallywood.
2. Attacks in Lebanon will attract media attention, especially because of the greater weaponry involved and those backing the terrorists of Hezbollah
3. During the war, there was simply less public outcry against Hezbollah. Is there any reasson to expect anything different when families are able to return and see the results of Hezbollah's war?

But in the meantime Shalit--who was reason for Israel's operation in Gaza, as opposed to the Kassam rockets--is still being held by Hamas.

Is Israel now going to faces a second defeat?

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