Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Take The CAIR Quiz

CAIR’s spokesman was given the opportunity to condemn Hamas and Islamic Jihad by the Washington Post in November 2001. His response was telling: “It’s not our job to go around denouncing.” Asked a similar question about Hamas and Hezbollah by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in February 2002, CAIR spokesman Ibrahim Hooper called such queries a “game” and explained, “We’re not in the business of condemning.” [emphasis added]

CAIR's website carries the following item: Israeli Missile Wounds NJ Teen in Lebanon

While CAIR has condemned noted the injury of an American accidentally wounded by Israel, which of the following deliberate murderers of Americans has CAIR been reluctant to condemn:

a) Hizbollah
b) Hamas
c) Al Qaeda*
d) All of the above

If you answered d) All of the above, you are correct!

Next time, the question will be: How many senior members of CAIR have been arrested for their association with terrorists? (hint; answer is 12 paragraphs from bottom of article)

* see also:
In October 1998, for instance, the group demanded the removal of a Los Angeles billboard that dubbed Osama bin Laden "the sworn enemy," complaining that such a caption was "offensive to Muslims." In the wake of 9/11, CAIR actually denied bin Laden's culpability, a position from which it would not budge until three months after the attacks, by which time the evidence against al-Qaeda's linchpin was irrefutable. The Website for CAIR's New York chapter - with which Mayor Bloomberg's appointee Omar Mohammedi has been affiliated - openly doubted that Islamic hijackers were responsible for the attacks, speculating that either the Bush administration or Israel orchestrated the nightmare.

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