Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Two Americans Kidnapped By Palestinian Terrorists

On August 14, Fox News Channel reporter Steve Centanni and freelance cameraman Olaf Wiig were kidnapped in Gaza City by Palestinian terrorists. This really should not be news--because based on past experience, you would think that the whole incident was another case of mistaken identity and they would have been returned by now.

But the Palestinian terrorists who kidnapped them have not yet returned them.

This is not an incident like that of Benjamin Bright-Fishbein, who was kidnapped in Nablus by the al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades--and then when they figured out they had kidnapped an American and not an Israeli, he was turned over to Palestinian security forces.

This is much more serious. Remember that in 2 months--October 15 will mark the 3rd anniversary of the murder of 3 Americans by Palestinian Arabs terrorists when they blew up a US diplomatic convoy in Gaza:
John Branchizio, 37, of Texas; John Linde Jr., 30, of Missouri; and Mark Parsons, 31, of New Jersey, all died in Gaza as a direct result of Palestinian terror. They are among the more than 50 American citizens murdered by Palestinian terrorists since the signing of the Oslo accords, and none of their killers have yet to pay for their actions.
Also, October means that once again Bush is due to sign another waiver of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987, the congressionally mandated downgrade of the status of the PLO Office in the United States.

The downgrade of the PLO office is required by the Anti-Terrorism Act of 1987, which has been delayed because of U.S. national security interests.

Maybe now would be an appropriate time to realize how deeply US national security interests--especially the security of her citizens--are served by serving notice upon the Palestinian Arabs that they will be held responsible for their actions: not only the murder of American citizens in the past, but also responsible currently for the safety of Americans such as Centanni and Wiig who enter Palestinian controlled land.

It may also be time to make the U.S. Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act of 2006 into law.

Little attention has been paid to this kidnapping.
It is time to shine a bright light on this Palestinian act and demand action.

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