Monday, August 07, 2006

Israel's Refugees Still Need Help

From Abba Gav:

Please don't forget Israel's refugees still need help

Israel's refugees from the North still need help. Since I haven't seen a clause in the upcoming UN resolution providing tehm any international assistance -- or even recognizing their existence for that matter -- they really need any help we can offer.

He gives all kinds of links for ways to help, especially Lemaan Achai.

I also have a list of what we can do to help Israel

Abba Gav writes of his view of the situation from Beit Shemesh:

Three weeks into the War, and the situation on the Home Front is getting worse.

Thousands of Katyusha rockets have landed on towns and cities throughout the North of Israel; dozens of high-explosive longer range missiles are now reaching closer to the center of the country; there have been many fatalities; scores injured; vast damages to property & businesses....

Many thousands of people from the North have now left their homes to move to the (current) safety of the center and south of Israel.

We cannot ignore the gravity of the situation in Israel--especially at a time when the world does.

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