Thursday, August 17, 2006

Hezbollah's Defeat This Wednesday

Michael Totten in War Warps the Mind a Little writes about the ability in Israel to get used to the sounds of the Katusha rockets:
You will twitch. You will want to take cover. You will want to hide. You will feel like you could die at any second, like the air around you is drenched with gasoline, like the universe is gearing up to smash you to pieces.

It’s amazing how fast you get used to it, even if you have no military training and grew up in a tranquil conflict-free place in suburban America.

It took me four hours.
I was wondering about that. It's one thing to be there and get used to it; it is another to know that Israel is being attacked--has been attacked and will be attacked in the future--and make Aliyah.

I received the following email from Jacob Richman:
On Wednesday, August 16, history was made when 520 olim
arrived in Israel on three Nefesh B'Nefesh flights. The flights
from Canada, the United States and England marked a new record
in Aliyah from the West.

Hundreds of guests, including myself, were on hand to greet the
new olim. The excitement was everywhere and you knew that
history was unfolding before your very eyes.
He posted 276 pictures of this on his website.

Totten writes:
...We all know fear is contagious. What might be less understood is that calm is also contagious. It’s hard to even want to freak out when no one else is freaking out.
There is something else in the air that is contagious.
And it is the reason that Hezbollah may have won the battle, but will lose the war.

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