Monday, November 29, 2010

The Iranian Nuclear Scientist Murder Mystery

Ed Morrissey writes at Hot Air about another attempt to delay Iran's acquisition of nuclear power--killing their scientists:
Fresh off the revelation that Iran’s Sunni neighbors urged the US to attack Iran and decapitate its regime, two bombs targeting scientists in Iran’s nuclear program killed one and wounded another today in separate but apparently linked blasts. These attacks follow earlier apparent assassinations that killed two other researchers in their nuclear program. The Iranians, however, have chosen not to blame its neighbors but instead put the blame on Israel
Just 24 hours ago, Israel would have been the logical choice.
Of course, in the aftermath of the Wikileaks revelations, it has now been confirmed that the Arab world in general is anxious about Iran's plans. If anything, considering how little impact the murder of the scientist is likely to have on Iran's program, it is more likely that one of Iran's neighbors is behind the bombing.

So, whodunit?

Morrissey has a favorite scenario for the solving of this mystery:
In fact, this might be an Agatha Christie whodunit. I’d love to think that the climax would be similar to Murder on the Orient Express, but I suspect that the actual plotters aren’t sharing information or control of the plot.
Considering the Wikileaks revelations, that would not be so far-fetched.

The question is what the longer term effects of this batch of leaked documents will have on the Middle East in terms of policy.

As Morrissey points out, it is unlikely that the US was behind the blast, but that doesn't mean that the US cannot turn around and become more assertive in the options it chooses against Iran.

Unfortunately, given the path the Obama administration has staked out for itself, that possibility is more far-fetched than an Agathie Chrisite story.

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kbk22 said...

I Doubt that the U.S. isn't behind the assassination that just happened in iran. They go in and claim to have killed osama bin laden, but dump a body in the sea? Yes they say we got dna samples but with all the people that are doubled today I doubt it was actually him, and if it was then we all know top advisers of his would have done something about it.