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Friday, November 19, 2010

Soccer Dad Retires

He did it quietly and without fanfare, as is his way--Soccer Dad has retired from blogging.

I have known Soccer Dad for over 25 years, long before blogging came on the scene.

I have always been impressed with his insights and great command of the facts--I still believe he has a complete collection of Commentary Magazine in an air-conditioned vault in the basement, though he has denied it.

Back in October 2007, in a project to determine "Which blogs should one read to be most up to date, i.e., to quickly know about important stories that propagate over the blogosphere?"--Soccer Dad was rated #22.

When we learned in Israel, he was equally as knowledgeable--though as I recall, when learning Chumash he preferred the Malbim over Commentary Magazine.

And both then and now he always has a good word--and more--to say about other people

More than being knowledgeable, Soccer Dad is a mentsch. When it comes to blogging, he has always been full of encouragement, and ideas--ideas that he is always willing and eager to share. Along those lines, he started Haveil Havalim, a carnival that gave exposure to all kinds of blogs in the JBlogosphere.

I remember many years ago when I was learning a sugya with him in preparation for a class I was going to teach the next day. I was a student teacher at the time and eager to make a good impression. I showed him how I was going to present a particular point--using apples with different colors and shapes. Soccer Dad not only was effusive in praising my idea: he insisted I walk over with him to one of the Rebbeim in the Beis Medrash and show it to him as well.

Similarly, I received countless emails from him informing me of a blog that had linked to one of my posts or an idea for something to blog about.

Always full of encouragement.
It is a loss for the blogosphere.

I'm sure he'll put his new-found free time to good use.
I imagine he'll catch up on those issues of Commentary Magazine in his basement.
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