Monday, November 29, 2010

Nominees For The 2010 Hasby Awards

Elder of Ziyon has announced the nominees for the 2010 Hasby Awards--for the best hasbara events of the year.

The winners will be announced on December 7th in New York City, where Elder of Ziyon will be giving a presentation on Hasbara 2.0: What Works and Why.

Here are the nominees, in no particular order (check Elder of Ziyon's post for related videos and links)

1. The IDF releasing video of soldiers being attacked on the Mavi Marmara within hours of the event, causing most viewers to see that the "peace protesters" were hardly peaceful

2. The Im Tirtzu organization on publicizing the recipients of New Israel Fund monies going towards anti-Israel testimony in the Goldstone Report

3. Gabriel Latner's speech at the Cambridge Union Society debates arguing "Why Israel is a Rogue State."

4.Latma's We Con the World

5. HRW founder Robert L. Bernstein's speech on Human Rights in the Middle East.

6. David Horowitz asking a question from a Muslim student at UCSD and getting a chilling answer

7. RabbiLIVE revealing Helen Thomas' anti-semitism and ending her career:

8. 16-year old Elad Daniel Pereg facing off, alone, against an angry anti-Israel mob in Los Angeles with an IDF shirt and Israeli flag

9. Israeli tourists sing Hebrew songs to the consternation of protesters outside the Ahava store in London on Rosh Hashanah

10. The IDF's instant field hospital in Haiti after the earthquake

11. The Emergency Committee for Israel's TV campaigns against anti-Israel candidates, specifically Pennsylvania's Joe Sestak, who lost

12. The IDF's soldiers rocking the casbah in Hebron

13. Rupert Murdoch's pro-Israel speech at the ADL dinner

14. Pilar Rahola's article, "The Anti-Israel Hysteria"

15. Canadian PM Stephen Harper's speech at an anti-semitism conference

16. Paris Zionists' unique protest against the anti-Israel Gaza photo exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris
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