Sunday, November 21, 2010

J Street Hypocrisy: Group That Whines "We Will Not Be Silenced" Had No Problem Silencing Sarah Palin 2 Years Ago

Last week J Street was spreading the the word to its followers about their new persona as martyr:
This week a small number of motivated activists convinced Temple Beth Avodah outside Boston to cancel an event at the synagogue at which I was to speak.

I know many of you were as outraged as I was and together we leaped into action by circulating a "We Will Not Be Silenced" petition that garnered over 10,000 signatures in ten hours yesterday.

As happens whenever our opponents try to shut us out, we simply used this opportunity to grow bigger and to reach more people with our pro-Israel, pro-peace message.
This of course is just one more in a growing stream of misrepresentations that we have become used to hearing from J Street.

The simple fact of the matter is that J Street is not being silenced. What is happening is that J Street is just being told that the synagogue in question did not want to listen to what they're saying.

While this might bruise their delicate egos, people should not be forced to listen to what J Street says.

More to the point, J Street is oddly selective when it comes to the right to be heard.

Remember 2 years ago, when Sarah Palin was supposed to speak at an anti-Ahmadinejad rally, and J Street, in one of their first attempts to gain national attention protested--not against Ahmadinejad, but against Palin:
Stop Sarah Palin at non-partisan Iran rally

Sarah Palin is scheduled to headline Monday's rally in New York of Americans Jews concerned about the threat Iran poses to the United States and Israel.

Sarah Palin at a rally to unify American Jews on Iran? Really?

Palin stands diametrically opposed to the majority of American Jews on nearly all issues - including on Iran. With just a few days left before the rally, we have no time to lose.

Click here right now to tell rally organizer Malcolm Hoenlein that Monday's rally is no place for partisan politics.

Dealing with Iran is an issue of major concern in the American Jewish community, and we believe that the best to way to deal with the Iranian nuclear program and support for terror is smart, tough U.S. led diplomacy. But even if we disagree on the best way to deal with Iran, Sarah Palin is the wrong choice to speak at a unity rally.

She doesn't represent the American Jewish community's views on Israel or any other issues.
Based on J Street's past in deciding for others whether Palin should be allowed to speak, their current tears of martyrdom fairly reek of hypocrisy--especially considering:
J Street is hardly the arbiter of what reflects the Jewish voice in America--but they did need to get national attention.

Now, J Street is turning around and trying to get attention by decrying those whom J Street claim are doing precisely what they in fact did.

What we need is a group to counter J Street's "We Will Not Be Silenced"
I think a group entitled "We Will Not Be Lied To" sounds about right.

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Leftist hypocrisy hasn't been news for years, it happens so often.