Monday, November 22, 2010

Jerusalem vs Gaza: We Train Our Children, They Train Their Children

On the one hand, Hamas makes no secret of what they train Gazan children to do:

And in Jerusalem, what are Jewish children taught? Treppenwitz shares an anecdote he heard from his optometrist:

"I was recently examining an 8 year old boy. He looked like a regular kid wearing a T-shirt and shorts. I was in the middle of doing a retinoscopy when in the distance I heard the siren of an ambulance, as happens in any city from time to time.

The 8 yr old boy asked me if I could stop the exam.

I thought that he wanted to go to the bathroom. But what he did instead was to recite Psalm 121 by heart in Hebrew to pray for the well-being of whoever it was in that ambulance.

When he'd finished, he let me carry on."
I do not doubt that there may be similarly endearing stories that can be told about the children of Gaza.
But that is not the image of Arab children that Hamas is interested in projecting.

Hat tip: Elder of Ziyon

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