Sunday, June 26, 2011

12 Human Rights Groups Refuse To Demand Gilad Shalit's Release

12 "human rights"  groups get together on the 5th anniversary of the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit--but HRW and friends are not demanding Shalit's release. Yes, Shalit should be able to contact famiy. Yes, he should have access to the Red Cross. But there is no mention of the thousands of rockets fired by the terrorist group Hamas which is the context of the kidnapping.

Noah Pollak notes that the moral outrage of the self-proclaimed defender of international law has its limits--and its threshold is when Israel is the victim:

Yet here these same champions of international law have lost their voices, and their outrage, when it comes to making what should be the easiest of judgments: That it is against international law to raid a sovereign state for the purpose of abducting its citizens, that Shalit’s imprisonment is barbaric and utterly without legitimacy, and that Hamas must release him immediately.  

 Does anyone doubt why these 12 groups have suddenly lost their voice?

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silverdog said...

Human Rights for Muslims only.
Garbage in. Garbage Out.