Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Safe Now To Say Muslim Who Killed Two American While Screaming Allahu Akbar Was A Terrorist

Authorities in Europe are calling the shooting at a Frankfurt, Germany, airport that claimed the lives of two U.S. servicemen an act of Islamic terrorism, though U.S. investigators said it is too soon to tell.

...The U.S. has launched an FBI-led investigation into the shooting and officials told ABC News it is too soon to determine whether the attack was an act of terror and if the suspect acted alone. However, a senior U.S. intelligence official told ABC News the attack was likely terror-related.
ABC News, March 3,2011

Considering the fact that from the beginning it was being reported that Arid Uka, it's not clear what else the US investigators thought the attack could have been.

At least the European authorities were less squeamish about calling a spade a spade.

In any case, Arid Uka is now being arraigned in court for the two murders:
A Muslim radical who allegedly killed two American airmen during a shooting rampage in Germany was charged with first-degree murder today in Manhattan federal court.

A witness said Arid Uka, 21, repeatedly recited the phrase "God is great" in Arabic after opening fire on U.S. Air Force personnel at the Frankfurt International Airport on March 2, according to court papers.
Also, Arid Uka has confessed not only to the murders--but also to the motive:
German authorities have said that Uka, originally from Kosovo, confessed that he was seeking revenge for the American invasion of Afghanistan after watching radical Islamist videos on the Internet.
Does that me we can now say that Uka has confessed to an act of Islamic terrorism?
Or are the authorities afraid that CAIR will come out of the woodwork to accuse them of anti-Islamic bias?

Maybe when the day comes that the US can call Islamic terrorism by its name--perhaps then the US government will have a better idea of just who Israel's neighbors really are.

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