Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jonathan Pollard Unable To Say Kaddish For His Father--So Chief Rabbi Metzger Will

Besides not being allowed to attend his father's funeral, Jonathan Pollard is unable to say kaddish for his father either:
Chief Rabbi Metzger says kaddish for Pollard since agent has no minyan

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger will be saying kaddish for Jonathan Pollard's father, a religious duty the imprisoned agent cannot fulfill since that prayer needs a quorum of Jewish men, the rabbi announced on Tuesday.

Morris Pollard died at 95 over the weekend, after Jonathan had been refused the “compassionate leave” to visit him on his death bed. He was also not allowed to attend the funeral on Monday.

“When I visited Pollard in prison, he asked me to say kaddish over his mother on the anniversary of her death, since he didn't have the required minyan,” Metzger said. “Unfortunately, the situation has not changed, and I have therefore resolved to do this small deed for our brother Jonathan, and for the soul of his father.”

Metzger noted that Jonathan's wife Esther Pollard called him on Tuesday night to thank him for his initiative.
What can you say?

Justice For Jonathan Pollard can be followed on their website, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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