Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Challah Hu Akbar Is Back And Blogging On Abbas Crackdown Of Palestinian Websites

If you have again made Challah Hu Akbar a part of your regular schedule of bloggers to read, you will have read this morning the latest in a story that Challah Hu Akbar is basically exclusively following--how the Abbas regime is hacking into websites critical of the Palestinian Authority.

The latest: Palestinian Authority Admits Hacking Websites Critical of Mahmoud Abbas:

Now, InLightPress is running what they call an “exclusive” interview with an official from the Palestinian Authority Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology. According to the official, InLightPress, and other sites “broadcast sedition and lies to break up the structure of Palestinian society.” As a result, the official said that “It is our right to defend ourselves against this malicious and suspicious campaign.” The official also said that the attacks against Mahmoud Abbas are coming at a bad time because the Palestinians are seeking to wage a diplomatic campaign against Israel.

When asked whether the Palestinian Authority was concerned about possible lawsuits, the official responded by saying that there is “no law in Palestine criminalizing this work.”
Read the whole thing.

Yes, by all means the UN should create a Palestinian state as soon as possible.
Maybe they can create a state ripe for more bloody protests...

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