Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Has 1984 Caught Up With Twitter?

Or has Twitter caught up with 1984?

Either way, @digitaldjeli tweets that:

Saudi writer @Hmzmz flees the country after he was accused of blasphemy on Twitter #saudiarabia

It was only last year that Twitter was sharing credit with Facebook for making the Tahrir Square protests possible.

Before that, Twitter was considered instrumental in enabling the protests against Iran's fraudulent elections.

For a brief while, there was a big to-do about Hillary's staffers using Twitter.

But now?

The terrorist group Hamas is using Twitter, calling for the murder of Jews, among other things.

And now Twitter may even be developing into the tool of choice for outing enemies of the state.

Social media is merely a tool, not the means of furthering Democracy in the 21st century.

And now we are beginning to see the possibilities of the darker side of Twitter.

Why blow the whistle, when you can tweet it?

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