Friday, February 24, 2012

Pew Survey: Jewish Support For GOP Rises

This poll from the Pew Research Center came out earlier this month.
I guess I missed it.

The results of this poll will probably cheer up the GOP, seeing that it claims that Jewish support for the Republican Party is on the rise:
A new analysis shows that the share of voters identifying with or leaning toward the GOP has either grown or held steady in every major religious group. This includes both religious groups that are part of the GOP’s traditional constituency as well as some groups that have tended to be more aligned with the Democratic Party, including Jewish voters. In general, the pattern among religious groups mirrors that among the electorate as a whole; the number of voters who identify as a Democrat has declined, while the number saying they lean toward the GOP has risen.

...Even Jewish voters, who have traditionally been and remain one of the strongest Democratic constituencies, have moved noticeably in the Republican direction; *Jewish voters favored the Democrats by a 52-point margin in 2008 but now prefer the Democratic Party by a significantly smaller 36-point margin [65 to 29].* There has been less change in the partisanship of black Protestants and the religiously unaffiliated, two other strongly Democratic groups.
Read the whole thing.

This is all well and good.
However, the story about Republicans making inroads to the Jewish vote repeats itself every election year.

The real test is not the Pew poll, it is the results at the election polls.

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