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The Israel Calendar: Resource For Pro-Israel Events

Presenting: The Israel Calendar

February 10, 2012
Zachary Scheinerman
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The American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise (AICE) announces the launching of The Israel Calendar (, an online resource for the pro-Israel community around the United States to announce events related to 12 monthly themes. The calendar is designed to provide the pro-Israel community a clear area of focus each month to structure Israel activism on college campuses and in Jewish communities.

While it is impossible to go "beyond the conflict" as long as it continues, the themes deliberately emphasize the aspects of Israel outside the conflict. "We want people to see Israel as a normal country with great music, art and literature, a rich history, beautiful sites and interesting people," said AICE Executive Director Mitchell Bard.

Programming related to political issues is ongoing; however, the aim of the calendar is to give greater attention to the country that most Israelis know, and to the people themselves, who enjoy rich lives that are neither immune to, nor controlled by, the conflict.

"One goal is to create opportunities for cooperation and collaboration across campuses, communities and countries," said Dr. Bard. "We want to encourage everyone to talk about similar aspects of Israel at the same time to reinforce positive messages. We do not expect all programming on campuses or in communities to be about the monthly theme, but we hope that the calendar serves as a guide for planning yearly activities."

The themes by month are:
  • January: Israel Diversity Month
  • February: Israel-America Friendship Month
  • March: Israel Women's History Month
  • April: Israel Environment Month
  • May: Israel Peace and Democracy Month
  • June: Israel Tourism Month
  • July: Israel Sports Month
  • August: Israel Heroes Month
  • September: Israel Social Justice Month
  • October: Israel Innovation Month
  • November: Israel Arts and Culture Month
  • December: Israel Religious Freedom Month

"Our aim," Dr. Bard noted, "is to correct misperceptions about Israel, educate Americans about the Jewish State and counter the tendency to see Israel solely through the prism of conflict."

The AMERICAN-ISRAELI COOPERATIVE ENTERPRISE (AICE) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), nonpartisan organization established in 1993.

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