Monday, February 20, 2012

The Muslim World Really Doesn't Care About Gaza

The blog This Ongoing War--whose daughter Malki was murdered by Palestinian Terrorists--provides documentation for that fact with a chart derived from UNRWA data detailing the top 20 contributors of funding -- how many Muslim contributors can you find?

And how does that funding compare with the contribution of the evil US?

Israel provides aid in terms of actual goods:
According to the IDF (statistics here ), deliveries into Gaza in the six days starting Sunday February 12, 2012 included

More than a thousand cargo trucks delivering 25,342 tons of goods including 905 tons of cooking gas.
  • 169 international organization staff members entered Israel via the Erez Crossing
  • 206 international organization staff members left Israel to go into the Gaza Strip (Erez)
  • 307 Gazan Arabs entered Israel for medical treatment (Erez)
Every box, every package, every crate passed through border crossings that frequently come under shooting attack from gunmen of the terrorist groups that have made Gaza a by-word for chaos, stagnation and cynical exploitation of the weak.
The latest sign of Gaza mismanagement: Gaza power grinds to a halt for lack of fuel
Why is there so little coverage of this?
Because Israel is not the reason for the shortage.

Now let's sit back and see how the Muslim world rushes in to help.

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