Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Video: Jon Stewart And Media On Obama's Failure To Get Libya Embassy Attack Straight

Even Jon Stewart has picked up on the failure of the Obama Administration to get its story straight on the attack on the Libyan embassy and murder of US Ambassador Chris Stevens:

Which is not to say that Stewart's show is going to undermine Obama's election chances. As Alana Goodman notes, although Jon Stewart Rips White House Over Benghazi Inconsistencies
The Jon Stewart demographic isn’t going to vote for Romney anyway (if they vote at all), but this does get the story out to an audience that might otherwise be unaware of it.
Still, as Goodman notes, USA Today did come out with an editorial on Monday that Shifting Libya attack story raises red flags

Jennifer Rubin wrote last week MSM: Hey, the president dissembled on Libya, and noted the media coverage.

Last week Glenn Kessler did a fact check From video to terrorist attack: a definitive timeline of administration statements on the Libya attack.

The New York Times followed suit, reporting that Shifting Reports on Libya Killings May Cost Obama

In addition, Bret Baier reported on the discrepancies in the Obama administration's public statements on what it knew about the Libyan attack and when it knew it:

Will any of this make any difference?

Rubin writes:
even if DNI [Director of National Intelligence] was initially confused, the White House and other top officials continued to push the connection to the anti-Muslim film long after it was known that this was an orchestrated al-Qaeda assault.

No doubt the mainstream media were slow to get to this story, because they initially labeled the episode a “bad for Mitt Romney’s campaign” story. However, the real Libya story is only now unfolding. It will be impossible for the president to avoid scrutiny and for others to escape blame for what appears to be either the most inept response to a terrorist attack in memory or a clumsy effort to shove an intelligence failure under the rug so as to keep the president’s campaign on track.

I don't know if there will be much made over this.

True, the embassy attack and murder -- and Obama's response -- will draw attention to Obama's foreign policy in the Middle East, which was supposed to utilize Obama's supposedly superior grasp and connection with the Muslim world.

But while it may be significant that the media is paying attention to these twin stories, it has not been following continued protests.

The angle that may receive more attention is the Obama administration failure to adequately protect the Libyan embassy, even after requests for improved security were made.

And the election is only a month away.

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