Thursday, October 04, 2012

The Danger of Romney Winning The First Presidential Debate Against Obama

I remember the first debate between Reagan and Mondale in 1984 -- Reagan did so poorly that questions were raised about his age. Everyone waited for the second debate to see if it was over for Reagan, if he really would lose the election based on the debates.

Of course, as it turned out, Reagan did very well in that second debate and went on to win the election.

Whether or not you believe that the debates really can have any effect on an election -- then or now -- the question is whether in the second debate Obama can recover from what most agree was loss; perhaps a loss on a par with Reagan.

On the other hand, maybe the pressure is not on Obama at all.

Maybe the one really in danger going into the second debate is Romney

Bryan Preston writes about The Downside of Romney’s Debate Dominance. Obama did so bad that he can only do better the next time around.

And that is all the media needs:
How can he not look better in the next debate? He would have to forget his own name, fall off the stage and rip the arms off his suit to reveal Che tattoos on his biceps. He would have to pause the debate for a smoke break and come back staggering and smelling like a brewery. Absent any of that, he’ll improve. Even a steady-state Romney performance will not hit with the same force that his surprise demolition carried last night.

Here it comes. The media may whisper, before they start to shout at the first opportunity:

Barack Obama, the comeback kid. Mitt Romney, the fading one-hit wonder.
Read the whole thing.

The same media that has supported Obama throughout and has never failed Obama when it comes to finding fault -- real or imagined -- with Romney, will take its cue from the Obama campaign.

Obama's people already let it be known that Obama would not do well in the first debate, and sure enough that is exactly what happened. Now the stage is set for the second debate, and the media will be sure to pick up on Obama's improved performance after his inexplicable (yet predicted) failure in his first outing.

The media is probably licking their collective chops in anticipation.

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