Monday, July 31, 2006

What We Can Do To Help Israel

[updated 8/4]

Please Note: I have no connection or personal knowledge of any of the Tzedakahs listed below--if you are going to contribute money to any of them, please research them first.

Time Sensitive: Galilee Spirit: Voucher For Travel To Israel (program ends August 31; vouchers can be redeemed until June 30, 2007) [added 8/4]

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Prayer Requests for Katyusha Rocket Victims in Tzfat

Make Shabbat For Families Hardest Hit In Israel [added 7/20]


List of Israel Solidarity Rallies
Community Solidarity Gathering: July 23, 2006 [7/20]
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Aid For Israel (General)
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Hatzalah of Yehuda and Shomron Need Your Help [added 7/17]
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Aid for Northern Israel
Emergency Relief Fund For Tzefas and Northern Eretz Yisrael [added 7/21]
Help For Northern Israel and Beit Shemesh [7/23]
Operation Matok: Northern Israel and Sderot [7/23]
Donate Toys To The Children of Northern Israel [7/26]

Aid for Tzfat
American Friends of Tsfat Needs Your Help
Emergency Appeal For Tsfat (Nachal Novea Tsfat Fund) [7/19]
Emergency Relief Fund For Tzefas and Northern Eretz Yisrael [added 7/21]

Aid for Migdal Ohr
American Friends of Migdal Ohr Needs Your Help [7/19]

Aid for Beit Shemesh
Help For Northern Israel and Beit Shemesh [7/23]

Aid for Sderot
Operation Matok: Northern Israel and Sderot [7/23]

Help the IDF
Meryl Yourish: Pizza For IDF Soldiers
Help Israel Through "Table to Table" [added 7/19]
Send TLC Packages To The IDF [added 7/23]
Friends of the Israel Defense Forces [8/2]

From an email forwarded to me.

As the situation in Israel deteriorates...

As I write to you, the situation in Israel on the northern border continues to worsen. With katyushas raining down on Nahariya (killing one woman), the striking against Tzefat with katyushas and the threat by Hizzbullah to hit Haifa, the dozens injured...all of these add up to a very difficult time ahead for our fellow Jews in Israel. While we walk safely down our street, thousands of Jews spend this Shiva Asar B'Tammuz in bomb shelters protected (please G-d!) from katyushas.

At the same time, we can not forget that IDF forces are in Gaza attempting to rescue Gilad Shalit and are themselves in constant danger.

So, what course of action can WE take at this troubling time? I would suggest a number of things:

* For those of you with friends/relatives in them! Tell them you are thinking about them and just be a source of comfort, at least via long distance.

* Whatever learning you would normally do, INCREASE the matter how small. If you learn a half hour, learn for 45 minutes, etc. The point is that if worldwide we can increase the amount of Torah learning, we can make a difference in Shamayim!

* When you learn, say out loud that you are learning for the Zechut (benefit) of those in danger in Israel.

* Say Tehillim! This is a long-standing action among Jews for centuries. The words of David HaMelech have helped us withstand calamity for 1000's of years.

* A special note to those shuls that do not recite the Mi Sheberach for the IDF: Whatever your reasons for not saying this Mi Sheberach...I urge you to look beyond politics! Take note of the fact that our soldiers (yes, they are OUR soldiers) are in grave danger. They need all of the Tefillot we can arrange for them. PLEASE...say this special Mi Sheberach! For those who daven where it is not said, URGE your rabbi to say it.

* For those who will be traveling to Israel in the near future, GIVE BLOOD at Magen David Adom

* In your tefillot, keep in mind Gilad ben Aviva Shalit and the two other soldiers whose names have just been released: Ehud Goldwasser, 31, from Nahariya and Eldad Regev, 26, from Kiryat Motzkin. (Their mothers' Hebrew names have not been published). [Their names are now known: Ehud ben Malka and Eldad ben Tova]

Share this email with others in order to encourage as many people to take whatever action that they may be able to take!

Finally, at Congregation KJBS, we will be saying an extended Tehillim today (Shiva Asar B'Tammuz) right after Mincha (which is at 8pm). Please make every attempt to be at KJBS (or any other place saying Tehillim) this evening.

Rabbi Zev M Shandalov
Chicago, IL

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Elder of Ziyon said...

I just received this:

"One grass-roots project involves trying to assist some of the businesses in the hotel industry that have been hardest hit by the present situation, by employing them to help "make Shabbat" for families in the hardest hit areas.

Kibbutz Lavi has offered to make discount meals for Shabbat for residents of the North. A meal is 25 NIS (a little less 6 dollars), for a four course meal. Purchasing these meals will be the difference between having a family eat cold canned food or having a real Shabbat meal.

If you want to donate please call Kibbutz Lavi at Tel 011-972-4- 679-9450 and let them know how many meals you are willing to donate. You can donate via credit card."

Note- I called & the person answering the phone said that they would be available "all night." If you are calling on Friday, don't forget the time difference- they are 7 hours ahead of us."

Anonymous said...

quite something....

Rice Aims to Achieve Lasting Peaceful Conditions on Mideast Trip

Anonymous said...

this is quite something...

Al Qaeda No. 2 Calls for Muslims to Start Holy War Against Israel

Anonymous said...

Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning. He told Bush that Three Brazilian soldiers were killed in Iraq. To everyone's amazement, all of the color ran from Bush's face, then he collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, visibly shaken, almost whimpering. Finally, he composed himself and asked Rumsfeld, "Just exactly how many is a brazillion?"

Anonymous said...

You can also help by donating to Friends of the IDF

Anonymous said...

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