Friday, May 25, 2007

IRANIAN JEWS CONDEMN ISRAEL...AGAIN: As dutifully reported by the Iranian press:
Iran's Jewish community voiced hatred for the recent measures taken by the Zionist regime of Israel against Palestinians, and called for the immediate intervention of human rights bodies to stop Tel Aviv's brutalities and crimes.

The stance was announced by the representative of Iranian Jews, Morris Moatamed, at an open session of the Iranian parliament here in Tehran on Monday.

The Iranian Jews further expressed sympathy for the deprived and oppressed Palestinian nation, and stated their deep hatred for Israel's recent violent measures, including massacre and wounding of tens of Palestinians and demolition of tens of residential units, administrative buildings and facilities.

They further called on the international bodies and organizations alleging to be advocates of human rights to show immediate intervention, stop Israel's brutal crimes and prevent any further destruction of the Palestinians' infrastructures and trespassing of their rights.
It seems the Iranian press has got this down to a science now. Not like the last time:
The Association of Iranian Jews here on Sunday renewed its commitment to defend the national interests of Iranians with the advent of the Iranian new year (1386), which the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution declared to be year of "national unity and Islamic solidarity."
The association renewed its commitment in a message issued on the threshold of the Jewish religious festival of the Passover, which starts Monday night.

"In obedience to the instructions of Jesus, in the new Iranian year, which has been declared year of national unity and Islamic solidarity, Iranian Jews voice their readiness to defend all national interests of Iranians and to observe the guidelines set by Supreme Leader (Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei) for the sake of strengthening national unity and solidarity in the fight against present-day pharaohs," the message said.

[Hat tip: The Corner]

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Karmel Melamed said...

I don't think you realize that the Iranian Jews living in Iran are not free to express their feelings about any subject let alone Israel. They live in constant fear that they will be harrassed or executed for any reason by the regime.

As journalist who covers Iranian Jews in the U.S. and Iran, I know if this first hand. If you look at my blog on Iranian Jews living in L.A., you'll realize that are one of the MOST ZIONIST Jews living in America today:

Daled Amos said...

No, I do realize--I meant my post to be sarcastic.