Friday, May 18, 2007

NEW BLOG FROM NY CONSULATE GENERAL OF ISRAEL: ISRAELPOLITIK. From the email I received from the Consulate:
Consulate General of Israel in NY Launches New Political Blog

In Israel's continuing efforts to create platforms to directly communicate with people throughout the world, the Consulate General of Israel has launched a new blog exclusively covering political issues in Israel and the Middle East. The new blog, complements the state of Israel's other blog which covers Israel's culture, arts, technology, people, nightlife, and just about everything else behind the headlines.

Israelpolitik serves as a vehicle to better communicate the State of Israel's message of hope and peace directly with the world. Please take some time to interact with the blog, send comments, and help spread the word to your family and friends.
The first 3 posts on the new blog are:

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