Monday, May 21, 2007

ISRAEL BREAKS HAMAS/FATAH TRUCE? From The Wall Street Journal's Best of the Web:
'Israel Continues Air Raids Despite New Gaza Truce'
That's the headline on the Australian Broadcast Corp.'s Web site, leading the reader to believe that Israel is violating a truce. But it turns out Israel isn't a party to the truce at all:
Rival Palestinian factions have clinched a new cease-fire deal to end a week of violence that has left more than 50 dead but Israel is continuing to pound targets across Gaza.

The Hamas and Fatah movements agreed to implement a cease-fire from 1200 GMT, the fifth such deal since violence erupted on Sunday.
In other words, two different groups of anti-Israel terrorists have agreed to stop attacking each other. Neither one has agreed to stop attacking Israel. If anything, this "truce" would necessitate more Israeli attacks, since it makes it less likely that Jerusalem can count on its enemies to kill each other.

Meanwhile, Reuters offers some advice for terrorists:
Hamas's armed wing cautioned its members on Monday to stop using cellular telephones and vehicles to avoid being tracked and targeted in Israel's escalating aerial attacks.

"Do not use the Jawwal phones at all," a Hamas spokesman, referring to a Palestinian cellular network, said in a radio message on an open channel used by Hamas gunmen in the Gaza Strip.

"Do not get in groups. Do not use any kind of transportation at all because the planes of the Zionist enemy are in skies all the time," he said.
The dispatch appears on the Reuters Foundation's Web site, whose slogan is "Alerting humanitarians to emergencies." Which reminds us of that old joke: If a vegetarian eats vegetables, what does a humanitarian eat?
The reason for the Israeli response is not given till the 8th paragraph:
Israel, meanwhile, continued its aerial offensive on Gaza in a bid to curb the incessant rocket fire against its towns, which has intensified since the violence erupted between Hamas and Fatah.
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