Monday, May 21, 2007

WHY DID THE NEW YORK TIMES CHANGE THEIR STORY? Instapundit has the following post:


Fighting between rival Palestinian factions continued in Gaza today, and Israeli troops and fighters of the Hamas faction again exchanged rocket fire across the Israel-Gaza border.

The two main Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, fought in Gaza City, where witnesses said that three rocket-propelled grenades were fired at the Islamic University campus, Reuters reported.

A spokesman for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’s Presidential Guard accused Hamas of using the university as a fire base for attacks on nearby police stations, according to the news service. The university is pro-Hamas, while the Palestinian police force is under Fatah control.

The factional fighting continued today despite a cease-fire agreement between the two factions earlier this week.

They don't keep ceasefires with each other any more than they do with Israel, apparently.

Very nice--now go ahead and try to find this text in the NY Times article Instapundit links to.

So what are the new lead paragraphs?

Israel struck more targets of the Palestinian faction Hamas today, while forces from the group’s Palestinian rival, Fatah, fired mortar shells at Hamas’s Islamic University and exchanged gunfire with fighters inside.

But while the rhetoric of all parties remained fiery, the warfare of recent days seemed to be lessening, both inside Gaza and outside, with even the number of Qassam rockets fired toward Israel decreasing.

It's all about balance, of course.

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Soccer Dad said...

I googled "Fighting between rival Palestinian factions continued in Gaza today":

Here are the results.

First one is the IHT version, which has the original text. (Notice that there's a co-author, I don't know if that's important.)

#4 is the NY Times, which, as you noticed, changed the first paragraph.