Wednesday, May 30, 2007

SIGN UP FOR OTZAR HAARETZ: Jameel writes about the upcoming Shmitta Year and the 3 standard options--and the problems associated with them.

He also writes about a new 4th option:
Otzar Haaretz (Treasure of the Land):

The Torah and Land Institute, which used to operate in Gush Katif up until the disengagement, has set up a system called Otzar Haaretz (treasure of the land), which offers kosher marketing of fruits and vegetables during a shnat shmita [and does not rely on Heter Mechira]
and about the problem:
For this to be successful, enough people need to sign up in advance, guaranteeing enough Otzar Haaretz produce for those that want to observe Shmitta in this matter. If this as important to you, and you would like to be able to buy Otzar Haaretz produce during the Shmitta year, please call them at 08-684-7325 or 1-700-709-177, or by e-mail otzarhaaretz at
Read Jameel's post for all the details.
[Hat tip: West Bank Mama]

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