Friday, May 18, 2007

RESULTS OF MARCH POLL OF ISRAELI JEWS: IMRA posted the following poll from Yediot Ahronot on its site. Following the Winograd Report, I imagine the results would only be more negative.
Telephone poll of a representative sample of 709 adult Israeli Jews carried
out by INSS (previously the Jaffee Center for Strategic Studies) in the
month of March, 2007.
Statistical error +/- 3.7 percentage points.

Is it possible to reach peace with the Palestinians? Yes 31% No 69%

Do you support the "land for peace" formula?
Yes 28% No 58%

Do you support the evacuation of settlements within the framework of a
unilateral withdrawal?
Yes 28% No 72%

Who won the Second Lebanon War?
Israel 24% Hezbollah 24% Neither 51%

Do you expect another war in the next three years?
Yes 76% No 23%

What are the real goals of the Palestinians?
[IMRA: A cynic would say that these are a set of optimistic goals. The goal
of destroying Israel and killing most of the Jews is not included as an
42% Destroy Israel and expel most of the Jews
29% Destroy Israel
21% Get the territory captured in '67
07% Get part of the territory captured in '67

Do you count on the IDF?
Yes 82% No 17%

Is the Government capable to make the right decisions on security matters?
Yes 33% No 66%

Yediot Ahronot 18 May 2007
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