Friday, May 25, 2007

LOUIS FARRAKHAN IS NOT A MUSLIM: That is the title of an article that Daniel Pipes wrote for the Washington Post in 1984:
Since he became involved with the presidential campaign of Jesse Jackson in November 1983, Louis Farrakhan has been universally portrayed as a Muslim, and his views have been ascribed to the Islamic religion. For example, in a description of Farrakhan's enrolling to vote for the first time, an article in The Washington Post noted that his action "is a major break with Muslim preachings that blacks not participate in a political process controlled by what they call white oppressors."

But this is wrong. Louis Farrakhan is not a Muslim; Islam says nothing about blacks voting in U.S. elections. Instead, Farrakhan subscribes to an American black religion founded in Detroit 50 years ago. His faith is not recognized as Islamic by real Muslims, and his teachings bear almost no resemblance to those of Islam. Farrakhan is as much a Muslim as the Shriner is an Arab.
Read the whole thing.

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